Bug Control Education & Training


& Training

Education will ensure your staff have the knowledge and skills available to reduce and manage the spread of infection in your facility.

Bug Control Community Membership



Join our Infection Control Community to gain access to members only resources and ensure your facility is prepared for that outbreak.

Bug Control Accreditation and Audit support


Be Prepared!

Don’t leave your accreditation preparation until it is too late. Let us provide you with the audit tools necessary to meet your next review.

Bug Control Infection Control ICAT



ICAT is a cost-effective audit tool for healthcare facilities, covering legislation and best practices for infection prevention and control.

Have you registered for our Seminars?

Enrol today for our online learning module – Everyday Principles of Infection Control for Aged Care Workers


Bug Control Infection Control Policy Manuals

Policy Manuals

Order your personalised Infection Prevention and Control manual which is tailored to the specific needs of residential aged care facilities or organisations.

Bug Control Infection Control Flip Charts & Guides

Flip Charts

Purchase your Flip Charts for the effective ongoing prevention and management of infection control issues in your healthcare facility.

Bug Control Infection Control guides


Purchase your Infection Control Guides for the effective ongoing prevention and management of infection control issues in your healthcare facility.

Bug Control Infection Control Hand Hygiene Kits

Hand Hygiene Kits

The perfect tool to educate anyone on the importance of regular and effective hand washing techniques. So simple to use, it doesn’t require any special training to get started.


What kind of bugs do you control?

Bug Control is an Infection Control & Advisory Service, we help prevent the transmission of bacteria or viruses that are considered common amongst aged care facilities.

We do this through our Infection Prevention and Control Education Program which includes seminars and webinars. We also provide extensive resources to assist you in managing outbreaks or for educating new & existing staff

What resources do you have in relation to Infection control?

We provide Infection Prevention & Control  Flip Charts for your staff’s quick easy reference.

We provide Infection Prevention & Control Manuals both hard copy and pdf.

And our best seller, the Hand Hygiene Kit.

What education do you deliver?

We provide a range of training via webinars & training modules, along with downloadable fact sheets within our membership site.

We also run full day seminars, from Outbreak Management to our popular Infection Control Bootcamp. They sell out fast so make sure you register early.

How do you assist us with our accreditation?

We attend your facility and perform a thorough Infection Control Audit to prepare you for your Accreditation.

We audit the clinical areas, environmental cleaning, catering and laundry. We chat with the staff and review documentation then provide the Facility Manager with feedback before emailing a detailed audit report.

Another option for preparation of an accreditation is to use Bug Control’s Infection Control Audit Technology (ICAT).

This option is a very cost effective and fast way to provide peace of mind

ICAT is an online programme that you can use to do a run audit on your own facility. Simply print out the questions, complete the audit yourself , then enter your answers online. You receive an audit report and action plan immediately so you can make any necessary changes before your accreditation audit.

Can you assist us in managing an outbreak?


We prefer to prevent an Outbreak rather than control one, much harder to do!

One of our most popular education sessions is Outbreak Management. Within Aged Care, that tends to be Influenza, Gastro or Scabies.

So it’s important to access this training through our membership site as part of your staffs induction or orientation training. We also highly recommended to include this training as part of your facilities annual Mandatory Training.

We also provide Outbreak Management easy to refer to Flip Charts & Guides, along with email support & guidance during an outbreak.



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