About Us

Bug Control – Infection Control Advisory Service

Established in 1995, Bug Control Infection Control Advisory Service is the leading Infection Prevention and Control consultancy firm for primary care, residential and community care, and the out of hospital setting in Australia and New Zealand.

With Offices in Sydney, Australia and Christchurch, New Zealand the dynamic Bug Control team is at your service to take Infection Prevention and Control into the future.

Lyndon Forrest

Title: Managing Director and Co-Founder

Lyndon has been involved in the business from the start and is evangelistic about our mission “to stop infections – in aged care” and is responsible for development and growth of the Bug Control Team and business.

Email:  lyndon@bugcontrol.com.au

Aimee Hislop

Title: Customer Service Hero

Role: Admin support and a little bit of everything

Email: info@bugcontrol.com.au

Dee Smith

Title: Senior Consultant

Role: E-learning platforms and webinar provider

Email: dee@bugcontrol.com.au

Jacinta Martin

Title: Senior Consultant

Role: Clinical Support for Australian Clients

Email:  jacinta@bugcontrol.com.au

Koree Roberts

Title: Accounts Guru

Role: All things financial

Email: accounts@bugcontrol.com.au

Leanne Vidler

Title: Clinical Leader

Role: Clinical support for Australian Clients and Immuniser

Email:  leanne@bugcontrol.com.au

Michele Pasco

Title: Operations and Customer 

Services Hero

Role: Campaign manager, customer support, sales and marketing guru

Email: michele@bugcontrol.com.au

Pat Mead

Title: Infection Preventionist

Role: Clinical support for NZ clients, Link Nurse programme, document reviewer

Email:  pat@bugcontrol.co.nz